Sunday, 23 May 2010

6 months later!!

Ok so maybe I slightly underestimated how busy being a mum was going to make me!! 6 months later and I am finally starting to feel I can manage 5 mins of that elusive 'me time' here and there. So to resume, I had Toby 6 days late on 17th November 2009. Birth was quite quick, I will type my birth story up at some point (another one of those jobs on my ever growing 'to do' list!!) Well I know everyone tells you that you will love your baby like nothing else and that the tiredness is indescribable in those early weeks, well yes and yes, I totally agree!! For a while there it felt like I would never even have time to make a cuppa again. But I am now just starting to feel like I can get a bit of order in mine and little ones life. He is the sweetest little thing, he has his moments but dont we all and I can not imagine life before him or without him now, cliches I know!!