Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The end of an era and new beginnings...

Me again! Who? Yes me! I know I am not the most regular posting blogger in the world but I do aim to rectify this now that I have a follower, yippee!

Well last week we went to Butlins, Minehead on holiday. My husband, Toby & I shared a Gold Apartment and also brother in law, partner & toddler also shared a Gold Apartment. Well we had a fantastic time. Totally tired out now and feel like we need another holiday to get over that one! There was so much to do there for kiddies, Toby’s fave was Bob The Builders Yard which had 6 free rides for children in the form of aeroplanes, train, cars etc. He and his cousin went on these every day as often as they liked as it was all included in the price, bonus! Toby was brilliant on holiday, he slept really well and was very happy, which equalled happy chilled parents. We loved it so much we are already planning to book again for next April time, yay!

A big thing for Toby & I (well I think me more than him really) was that Toby had his last breastfeed last week. He was only feeding once a day, first thing in the mornings and to be honest he didn’t seem that bothered about having it, I continued partly because of the health benefits and partly to buy me an extra half hour in bed at 6.30am!! So one morning last week I just got up with him and got him a cup of cows milk instead, and that was that! I am finding it odd not to be feeding him anymore, and not to have that option of calming him down if he is upset or wakes in the night, but I am starting to get used to it now and am proud of having fed him for over 21 months :)

Another big thing this week is that Toby started with our childminder instead of going to nursery. Today will be his second day. Yesterday went well, after a few tears when my husband dropped him off, my childminder then texted me a picture of him playing happily with her son which was so kind of her and put my mind at ease. Here’s to Toby’s new adventure!