Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Years Resolutions

Well as there is only just over 3 hours to go until New Year, I am going to record my resolutions here. Having just eaten an Indian followed by matchmakers, I am fully ready for no. 1!!

1. DIET! I am pretty sure I say this every year. When I say diet, I mean cut down. I am going to stop snacking between meals and if I do get peckish then I will have fruit. I will cook more sensible dinners. We are going to Butlins in April and that will be my goal to be feeling much slimmer by,

2. Clear out my wardrobe of stuff I do not wear.

3. Clear out our house and eBay stuff no longer required. Save the money towards holidays.

4. Spend more time on me, ie. painting my nails, moisturising etc as since having Toby I spend very little time on things like this anymore.

5. To blog more regularly!

Other to-do things for 2012 are:

1. To move Toby into the bigger spare bedroom as his current room is way too small for him.

2. To give the house a bit of an update, room by room, starting with our bedroom as we have a new King Size bed coming this Friday, woop!

Well I think thats enough to be going on with eh! See you in 2012!

Last day of 2011

Well its New Years Eve morning and I am up with Toby, in our dressing gowns, had toast with peanut butter for breakfast (both of us). Toby is playing with the Thomas battery operated train set he had for Christmas, he absolutely loves it and has learnt how to divert the tracks either over the bridge or round the long way :-)

Going to make a start on a list of New Years Resolutions today. Has to be done, do it every year only to not stick to it after about 8 hours. I have already made a good start as I am growing my nails, I haven't bitten them for a good couple of weeks now, yay! Other entries to the list are bound to be:

1. Diet / cut down / don't eat so much carp / whatever you want to call it!
2. Sort out my wardrobe and only keep clothes I actually will feel good in

Hmm I can't think of anymore at the moment. All this though after I have started to take down some of the Christmas decorations which are slowly beginning to do my head in!!

Friday, 23 December 2011

It's nearly Christmas!

Woop 2 more sleeps and it will be Christmas Day! I started buying presents back in July yet I didn't start wrapping them till this week, oops! Still all done now, and the OCD part of me was very pleased that I finished the roll of paper off exactly with my last present :-D

Toby is now 2 and 1 month and so is much more aware of Christmas, well aware of the presents and chocolate in the advent calendar really! Really looking forward to hanging up his stocking on his door with him on Christmas Eve and putting out the biscuits and milk for Santa.

We heard some fab news about how one of our best friend couples are now expecting, v exciting! Keep resisting buying gorgeous presents, trying to wait until nearer the due date which is May 2012, its coming round fast! They are going to make the bestest parents :-)

Also the weekend before last I went and visited my BFF in her new home in the city of London! Had such a fab weekend. First time I had been on the train on my own which was actually quite nice, reading my book in peace! BFF's house is gorgeous, if a little chilly hehe. Nice to be able to imagine where she is living now. She then took me on a little tour round London, past the London Eye, Southbank, over the bridge and to see Nelsons Column, Picadilly Circus, Regent Street & Carnaby Street. Loved it, so lovely and christmassy up there! Then in the evening we went out in her locality (is that a word?!) of Balham. First stop a cocktail bar which was great fun, v lively and happening (I fear that makes me sound old!). BFF made the decision to buy Oreo cocktails as it was Happy Hour!! Then we had an Italian, it was chockablock in there so ended up eating at the bar but we didn't mind as the food was gorge. Last stop was to the Bedford, a traditional looking pub which seemed to turn into more of a club as it got later. Had a brill time in there, so much chatting done that my voice is only just recovering now! On the Sunday we met up with another friend and had a yummy roast before I had to get my train home. Thank you so much T for a much needed weekend.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Don't say the 'Diet' word!!

Hello peeps! Well Christmas is approaching and I am well on the way with my pressie shopping thanks to Mr Amazon & Mr *smug face* However this also brings the dilemma of what to suggest when people ask what I would like for Christmas! My current answer is I need a whole new wardrobe of clothes, which I pretty much do, so vouchers would be ace! Not very exciting to open on Christmas Day though eh?!

Tobys speech is coming along more and more. We are now getting 3 word sentences like ‘Wheres Daddy gone?’ He is sleeping through the night still which is the best thing ever ever!!

After feeling pretty rubbish (read as fat) the weekend before last and talking about it with mum, I am currently on a ‘cut down’ mission. I have been good for just over a week now and feel better for it so really hope I stick to it! For the first 3 or 4 days the mornings were very hard as I seem to be hungrier in the mornings. So I started to eat a banana mid-morning instead of crisps and that got me through till lunch. Not really on topic but I am sure bananas are the most bargainous fruit ever, even more so where they always seem to be reduced to 20p or 30p a bag in Asda when I go in!! This morning however I am not hungry yet so think I have now begun to adjust to eating less. I think a lot of the problem was where I have stopped feeding Toby myself, when I was feeding him I had got into the habit of eating more then as I needed it, but now need to eat less as he is not taking that from me. I highly recommend the breastfeeding diet :)

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Teeth, pegs, swimming & Asda! Random!

Well it has been a while since I last wrote a blog post so thought today is the day. Toby is teething at the moment again, it’s the biggies at the back coming through, poor him, yesterday when having lunch at my sister in laws, he just kept bursting into tears. Must be horrible :-( Aside from this, he is very happy and wants to know about everything! His current ‘thing’ is the pegs on our washing line, he likes to be holding at least 4 pegs when he is in our garden, and not just any, he likes to choose them. Then he saw me taking them off the line and now likes me to hold him up while he pulls them off himself. He is repeating lots of words we say now (so trying to be uber careful!) and seems to be learning so much each day. He is still sleeping through which is the best, therefore I can’t really complain about him getting up any time after 6am each morning, eek!

Took Toby swimming on Sunday morning, it was the first time we had been since Butlins so I expect he was wondering where all the fun stuff was!! He loved it as usual and wanted to jump in off the side again and again, now getting more adventurous as he has started jumping in without me holding his hands. He had his roll up armbands on (which I have only just sussed how to actually roll up his arms *rolls eyes*) and I let go of him and he was happy to float there, next step is to kick his legs more and he will be swimming!! Can’t wait!!

Well the highlight of our town yesterday was the opening of our new Asda store, it has clothes and everything! We decided to go there for the opening of it at 10am, well that was not one of our better ideas, it was mental down there! Ace though, great to actually have nice kids clothes and shoes on our doorstep and a good range of food, v happy!! I bought Toby a new jumper to mark the occasion, any excuse eh!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The end of an era and new beginnings...

Me again! Who? Yes me! I know I am not the most regular posting blogger in the world but I do aim to rectify this now that I have a follower, yippee!

Well last week we went to Butlins, Minehead on holiday. My husband, Toby & I shared a Gold Apartment and also brother in law, partner & toddler also shared a Gold Apartment. Well we had a fantastic time. Totally tired out now and feel like we need another holiday to get over that one! There was so much to do there for kiddies, Toby’s fave was Bob The Builders Yard which had 6 free rides for children in the form of aeroplanes, train, cars etc. He and his cousin went on these every day as often as they liked as it was all included in the price, bonus! Toby was brilliant on holiday, he slept really well and was very happy, which equalled happy chilled parents. We loved it so much we are already planning to book again for next April time, yay!

A big thing for Toby & I (well I think me more than him really) was that Toby had his last breastfeed last week. He was only feeding once a day, first thing in the mornings and to be honest he didn’t seem that bothered about having it, I continued partly because of the health benefits and partly to buy me an extra half hour in bed at 6.30am!! So one morning last week I just got up with him and got him a cup of cows milk instead, and that was that! I am finding it odd not to be feeding him anymore, and not to have that option of calming him down if he is upset or wakes in the night, but I am starting to get used to it now and am proud of having fed him for over 21 months :)

Another big thing this week is that Toby started with our childminder instead of going to nursery. Today will be his second day. Yesterday went well, after a few tears when my husband dropped him off, my childminder then texted me a picture of him playing happily with her son which was so kind of her and put my mind at ease. Here’s to Toby’s new adventure!