Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Don't say the 'Diet' word!!

Hello peeps! Well Christmas is approaching and I am well on the way with my pressie shopping thanks to Mr Amazon & Mr Play.com *smug face* However this also brings the dilemma of what to suggest when people ask what I would like for Christmas! My current answer is I need a whole new wardrobe of clothes, which I pretty much do, so vouchers would be ace! Not very exciting to open on Christmas Day though eh?!

Tobys speech is coming along more and more. We are now getting 3 word sentences like ‘Wheres Daddy gone?’ He is sleeping through the night still which is the best thing ever ever!!

After feeling pretty rubbish (read as fat) the weekend before last and talking about it with mum, I am currently on a ‘cut down’ mission. I have been good for just over a week now and feel better for it so really hope I stick to it! For the first 3 or 4 days the mornings were very hard as I seem to be hungrier in the mornings. So I started to eat a banana mid-morning instead of crisps and that got me through till lunch. Not really on topic but I am sure bananas are the most bargainous fruit ever, even more so where they always seem to be reduced to 20p or 30p a bag in Asda when I go in!! This morning however I am not hungry yet so think I have now begun to adjust to eating less. I think a lot of the problem was where I have stopped feeding Toby myself, when I was feeding him I had got into the habit of eating more then as I needed it, but now need to eat less as he is not taking that from me. I highly recommend the breastfeeding diet :)

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