Monday, 19 July 2010

8 months, 2 days...

My little boy is now 8 months and 2 days old and well, he is not so little anymore!! This morning we went and visited my new nephew who is 3 weeks old, he is teeny tiny, I held him in one arm and he was so light, such a contrast to holding T now propped on my stuck out hip and knowing any moment he is going to slide down just to be hoisted up again!! Its hard to remember when T was that small, although when little nephew fell asleep with me swaying, it did come back to me, how lovely those days were, not that I could enjoy them as much as I could due to the ineviteable lack of sleep which little nephews mum is now going through, it will get easier I said to her...

T is such a bundle of joy, we are very lucky to have such a happy little boy with smiles for everyone. Getting him to have a nap is my current 'task' and rocking him in his car seat seems to do the trick, or swinging him in his swing chair if at home. However he will soon have outgrown these and I guess I will find another way to settle him as I will have no option!!

He is sitting up brilliantly and leans right forward to grab his toys, sometimes then rolling over onto his side and he looks like he is trying to use his knees to push himself forward. So no doubt it won't be too long until he is crawling and then the fun will really begin!! :-)

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