Thursday, 5 August 2010


Well before I start I know it's likely that it's all gonna go wrong as I write this, but... I think Toby is beginning to 'get' the sleep thing. To his afternoon I took him upstairs for his nap and he whinged in his cot. After a while I took him out and fed him, but he didn't fall asleep, so I popped him back in his cot again and put his aquarium on. I got to cleaning the bathrooms, good use of time methinks!! I popped back in a couple of times but just distracted him with the buttons on the aquarium and I left again once he was quiet. And he dropped off on his own, yey!! A big step as much for me as previously I had the habit of picking him up if I didn't think he was going to settle but this shows with a bit of perseverance he did settle himself.

Then tonight I took him up, fed him on one side, read him a book then offered him the other side. He didn't want it so I popped him in his cot with aquarium on. Repeat of earlier, bit of whinging but I popped in a couple of times, put his mobile on too and he dropped off after a bit, enough time to file and paint my toe nails and paint my hand nails too!!

I am gonna try and keep him napping in his cot from now on if I am at home so fingers crossed it will continue like today.

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